People & Process

People & Process

We offer a range of services that support your in-house processes, so they encourage and even generate game changing conversations:


Recruitment is challenging because it is never just about skills; every candidate will bring something different to the role. This ‘x factor’ can be very hard to measure and even harder to align with what you really need.

Using the GC Index in your recruitment process can unlock a wealth of new insights to help you make much more informed choices. (https://www.thegcindex.com/)

Our job is to help you:

  • Clearly establish what ‘x factors’ you are looking for and in what balance
  • Identify these in the job applicants

In-House Coaching Support

Our Coaching Partner Programme gives you the support and guidance to:

  • Develop your in-house coaches
  • Maintain quality through supervision and CPD
  • Manage your coaching process from coach matching, through to measuring the results and demonstrating impact

With over 20 years’ experience behind us we are in a great position to guide and develop your in-house coaching offering to an excellent standard.

Coaching Culture:

If you wish to take your in-house coaching to the next level and firmly establish a coaching culture, check out our culture support programme below.

Culture Change

Whether you are focused on a coaching culture, growth mindset/innovation culture or EDI culture, we offer a programme that will:

  • Clarify what your desired coaching culture looks, sounds and feels like
  • Measure/assess your organisation’s coaching culture as it is now
  • Use our EMBARK tool to produce and deliver a tailored programme, designed to target your organisations weaknesses and harness its strengths
  • Measure your coaching culture and demonstrate progress

Our Foundation Package will provide an extensive assessment of your organisation’s existing culture, the culture you desire and a clear, bespoke plan to get you there.

In our Culture Development Package we will work closely with you to execute on the plan and transform your culture.

To find out more about this and our exclusive EMBARK tool, just reach out!

In-house Mentoring Support

Setting up a mentoring programme is a key part of developing organisational culture.  This can be invaluable to the development of any team or company, but only if it’s done right.  Despite many employees coming into the office less, it is still possible to set up a successful mentoring programme even though some partnerships will never meet. 

Our aim is to help you establish a remote/hybrid mentoring programme that encourages:

  • Greater employee engagement
  • Employee development and career conversations
  • Becoming an employer of choice
  • Improving organisational performance and achieving excellence
  • Career path development
  • Inspiring a learning and development lead culture
  • Succession planning

This programme is suitable for all types of mentoring including one-to-one, reverse, flash, peer-to-peer and group mentoring.

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