Tim H

Tim H

Tim is an experienced executive coach, international speaker, business entrepreneur and co-author. He is globally recognised in the field of coaching as a leading expert speaking at international conferences and supporting clients to develop coaching cultures. His specialism is with senior leaders in complex political and commercial environments. Tim has been working in the field of coaching and leadership since 2004.

Tim H


Tim is the managing director of Unlimited Potential, a company that is dedicated to bringing about Game-Changing Conversations in all organisations.  Unlimited Potential has delivered work in police forces, public sector bodies, major charities and 124 NHS Trusts.  Tim works best at the executive and board levels.

Tim is also a Chartered Mechanical Engineer from a previous life of 10 years in the defence industry.  He uses his experience as an engineer to bring a high impact, practical and results driven approach to organisational cultural change programmes.  He has been described as the “mental engineer”.  His work is consistently rated as impactful and Game-Changing for individuals and organisations.


His specialism is in the development of organisational cultures through coaching as a leadership tool.  He has worked with many of the world's most interesting businesses, working in long-term relationships with them to radically transform the behaviors and attitudes of their workforce, through one-to-one coaching, training and consultancy work.  Unlimited Potential has delivered thousands of hours of coaching, training and consultancy to organisations across the world looking to develop coaching skills.

Tim understands what organisations need to create trust, empowerment, authenticity and collaboration.  Using the Embark coaching culture diagnostic, which he co-created, he is quickly able to highlight the key issues required to bring about transformational change. He then uses his IDEAs model to implement effective programmes, and create a leadership movement ready for the future.

Tim has worked with many CEO’s from many different types of organisation.  Because of this, he is very good at understanding complex organisational requirements and cultural issues and does so very quickly.  This allows him to almost instantly get into the “place” of the coachee, to deliver greatest impact.

Coaching style

Tim works best with senior executives, MDs and CEOs challenging them on their behaviours and beliefs to bring about improved performance.  Tim quickly creates a supportive environment in which he is able to bring about Game Changing experiences through challenging questioning.  His approach is completely non-judgmental focusing totally on the best outcomes for the coachee.


  • Accredited GCOlogists for the GC Index profiling tool
  • Be Talent Psychological safety accredited assessor
  • Be Talent Strengths accredited assessor
  • Be Talent Resilience accredited assessor
  • Chartered Mechanical Engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Coaching philosophy

“Coaching must be a friendly but challenging experience.  We only have a truly Game-Changing experience, when we tackle the issues that are normally kept in the shadows.”

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