Theofana W

Theofana W

After 15+ years as a top manager and senior consultant at leading international organisations, such as Allianz, KPMG and UniCredit, Theofana has an impressive track record in balancing organisational requirements, group dynamics and individual needs.

Theofana W


Having found her calling in unlocking the full potential of individuals, teams and organizations, Theofana has a broad range of experience including coaching, training, facilitation and mediation. She is experienced at supporting people with a wide range of topics including leadership effectiveness, new position takeover, career progression, team dynamics, organisational development or when dealing with concrete challenging situations. Theofana has coached at all levels, from the CEO to the frontline.


Enabling individuals, teams and organisations to unfold their full potential is the focus of Theofana’s professional activities. Her core competence is the development of leadership skills, team building and organisational/business development from one source, while seeing different angles and deriving new perspectives. Theofana is at her best when it comes to decision-making, negotiation, communication and conflict management in a challenging context and/or when dealing with change and transition.

Coaching style

Theofana brings clear thinking, agile mind, presence and humour. What sets her apart is her crisp, focused and vivid coaching style. She brings her clients safely out of the comfort zone by challenging them in a reflective and approachable way. As a result, they can gain awareness e.g. regarding decision-making, renewed sense of purpose and getting into action.


  • Executive Coach (Hephaistos Coaching Center & Institute of Coaching/Harvard Medical School)
  • Lecturer at the ISM International School of Management (Negotiation & Communication and M&A)
  • Understanding and Leading Change (European School of Management and Technology)
  • Organisational Development (Hephaistos Coaching Center)
  • ComTeam Culture Profile Indicator (licensed provider)
  • Transaction Analysis (Team Dr. Rosenkranz)
  • Leadership Trainings (Allianz Management Institute)
  • CFA Charterholder (CFA Institute)
  • Master’s degree in Economics (Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg)

Coaching philosophy

Theofana believes that we are all naturally resourceful and “equipped” with everything required to meet great challenges. In a first step, she sees her role as coach as being to raise awareness and bring clarity into complex contexts by making the implicit explicit. In a second step, to challenge and support the clients to mobilise their own resources and remove stumbling blocks. Theofana believes that there is no ‘ultimate coaching approach’ and that effective coaching includes a variety of different theories and methods to match clients’ needs. Theofana’s professional passion is to embrace change and to bring about both immediate impact and sustainable results to leaders, teams and organisations.

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