Steve T

Steve T

Steve is an executive coach, trainer, and author with extensive experience in various sectors and markets. He is an excellent choice for business leaders seeking transformative change in their leadership style.

Steve T


With twenty-five years as a professional producer and presenter at live sports events, Steve emphasizes the critical importance of great communication, gravitas, and personal impact at the leadership level.

In his book "The Sticking Point," Steve offers a fresh perspective on how our actions affect others in the workplace. Through this approach, he effectively brings about significant change within individuals, teams, and organisations.

Steve's interest in organisational development began in 1994 when he ran a communication and presentation skills training company alongside his work as a presenter, utilising his acting and broadcasting skills. During this time, he developed a keen interest in the fundamentals of people development. Since 2012, he has focused on one-to-one coaching, believing that the people within an organisation are best placed to effect changes.


With nearly thirty years of experience in coaching, training, and organisational development across all sectors, Steve has studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and psychology. He integrates these disciplines into his unique blended approach to people development.

Known for his ability to safely challenge and push leaders beyond their comfort zones, Steve is highly effective in developing senior leaders and individuals/teams transitioning or advancing in their management careers.

Coaching style

As a flexible and adaptive trainer, coach, and consultant, Steve takes a holistic approach, addressing both personal and professional issues, recognizing that all aspects of life are critically important.


  • NLP master practitioner
  • CBT certified practitioner
  • iMA accredited practitioner
  • GC Index accredited practitioner
  • General Hypnotherapy Council Registered practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Accredited in Civil and Workplace Mediation
  • Author of "The Sticking Point"
  • Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Coaching philosophy

“We all owe it to ourselves to be the best we can in all aspects of our lives. Coaching helps us to develop an understanding of what the best versions of ourselves might be, and to make progress on the journey to achieving them.”

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