Simona H

Simona H

With over 7 years of coaching experience, Simona offers an array of skills and expertise to help coach her clients to reach their goals and fulfil their potential .

Simona H


Simona was a solicitor, partner, and law firm owner, for over 20 years with a focus on leadership and business development, in addition to her legal work in employment law.  Simona now works as a coach and hypnotherapist primarily with those new to roles in senior management or in their own business, CEOs, and law firm owners.


Over the past seven years Simona has supported leaders through to the next stage of their career promotion; starting their own business; or growing their existing law firms.  Simona works on developing personalised skills of leadership, team management, time management, confidence, and conflict skills for each individual.  Alongside tackling any thoughts, emotional responses, or habits that can stand in the way of taking more control of diaries, taking steps to ensure self-responsible teams, having a work-life balance, and enjoying more areas of their work.

Coaching style

Simona’s coaching style focuses on combining practical tools for tackling areas that impact on managers and leaders, such as wearing too many hats, avoiding challenging situations and people, procrastinating on certain business development tasks, and struggling to switch off at the end of the day.  Alongside strengthening personal thoughts, habits, and behaviours so that people can move forward more easily with change, implementing new approaches, enjoying new roles, and thrive in the career or business of their choice.


ILM7 & ILM 5 in Coaching and Mentoring for Senior Executives

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

NLP Practitioners Certificate

EMDR Plus Practitioners Certificate

EFT Level 1 & EFT Level 2 Practitioner Certificate

Solution Focused Certificate Therapist

Positive Psychology Certificate

Time To Think Facilitator including Transforming Meetings® specialisation

Coaching philosophy

Passionate, genuine, and prepared to push and challenge those she works with, Simona strives to ensure clients become more successful in their professional lives and are more fulfilled in their personal lives. Simona delivers on all elements of her vision: One Life. Your Life. Live It.

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