Martin M-S

Martin M-S

Martin is an executive coach, solicitor and higher court advocate with expertise in coaching for performance improvement and personal development.

Martin M-S


A self-motivated and accomplished senior manager, he has worked in private practice and for many years in legal public service and is an accomplished mentor and facilitator. With a proven record as leader, advocate and shaper contributing to the achievement of public service targets, since becoming an executive coach he has over ten years’ experience working within and outside his own legal discipline. His skills lend themselves foremost to listening, prompting coachees to see productive routes for personal development and inspiring them to implement solutions, initiatives and changes.


Martin has held senior roles at regional and national level, including remote management of professional staff working unsocial hours. He has significant experience in leading and managing major change. He has facilitator and tutor experience with groups of professionals, nationally and recent leadership and advocacy training experience internationally involving feedback and people skills. He is a qualified solicitor and higher court advocate and has worked in private and public service environments. Having worked in a leadership and development legal team for several years, Martin has a heart for working with people at all levels of development. He has experience of identifying differing cultures of learning and development and supports working collaboratively across teams. has human resources credentials and likes nothing more than working with people. His unusual mix of legal discipline and development work in a human resources team provide a sound basis for solutions-based coaching for clients occupying senior roles in a variety of professions where people issues are foremost.

Coaching style

Martin’s coaching style holds his client’s well-being as uppermost. He seeks to focus on building rapport, listening and prompting to stimulate self-reflection and the honest recognition of stumbling places and barriers. He encourages and seeks the joint finding of a productive field of coaching where clients can envision their best self and expose and meet their challenges. An executive coach for over ten years, Martin has used coaching skills and techniques in formal and informal conversations regularly as a manager, tutor, mentor and in one-to-one coachee relationships. He believes that a sense of humour appropriately used is an invaluable tool alongside all other techniques!


  • Former Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate (criminal)
  • MSc in Leadership and Development, focused on culture in organisations
  • Executive Coach and Mentor with British School of Coaching (B.S.C) to Masters level 7
  • Associate, C.I.P.D
  • Well Being coach : ILM endorsed Programme 2018 (B.S.C)
  • Alumni, B.S.C

Coaching philosophy

"I believe that coaching conversations represent a powerful tool, the use of which is a privilege to enter into. They can and should provide a unique opportunity for recipients to have someone focused solely on them, listening deeply with the clients’ interests at the heart. That opportunity deserves the coaches’ full attention and preparation, requiring a single-minded approach and missing as little as possible in what is said to pick up the issues the coachee really needs to speak about, which are very often not the ones alighted upon at first. Solutions focused, I believe that such listening and reflecting back what is said, probing, paraphrasing and summarising succeeds in unlocking the moments of clarity the coachee seeks and, during which, barriers can be breached and left behind. None of this is easy, but it is more than worth the effort in my experience. Support, encouragement and empathy are fundamental to my approach."

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