Marie W

Marie W

Marie draws from her knowledge and experience of working within high level investment banks as a recruitment manager, including Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, as well as for two prominent recruitment companies where she looked after the recruitment within Finance for Deutsche Bank.

Marie W


She is an experienced professional executive and career coach, well-versed in coaching globally within a wide variety of industries, including banking, insurance, technology, finance, legal, pharmaceuticals and marketing, as well as across all hierarchies and functions including C-suite and senior management. She runs her own coaching business, holds several associate coaching roles and works for a number of private sector organisations where she helps them to maximise their productivity and to create a culture of continual learning and development.


Marie particularly excels at partnering with clients to solve business problems related to improving the performance of individuals in the business. She is passionate about empowering people around choice, improving relationships within teams and developing a powerful mindset. Marie’s strength is in enhancing a person’s soft skills to enable them to develop their leadership style and be effective and compassionate leaders. She is also skilled in helping her clients live a life free from stress and anxiety, helping them to overcome imposter syndrome, gain confidence and self-belief as well as enabling them to reach their full potential and not hold themselves back. She also helps her clients to build resilience as well as manage personal and professional change in an effective way.

Coaching style

Marie’s style is relaxed, professional and supportive, putting individuals at ease quickly to facilitate insight and life-changing ‘a-ha’ moments. She is warm, direct and honest, building deep rapport and strong trusting relationships with her clients, helping them to open up by providing a non-judgemental space. She combines warmth and compassion alongside challenging her clients to enable them to realise their goals and make the changes they desire. Her positivity and enthusiasm encourage her clients to get into action and achieve the results they are looking for.


  • BA Hons Degree in European Studies
  • Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching with the Academy of Executive Coaching
  • Ultimate Coach Programme

Coaching philosophy

"I believe that we are all capable of achieving anything we wish to; we simply need the mindset to believe it. I also believe that having awareness and fully understanding ourselves, is the key to achieving anything we desire. Because when we have this knowledge and understanding, we can be our authentic selves, and that is when we are fully in flow and are unstoppable. Good coaching provides you with both this mindset and understanding, so that you really do make tangible transformational change, and in addition, you also have the tools to continue to develop yourself long after the coaching has ended. "

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