Linda M

Linda M

Linda is a coach with over 20 years of experience and she has worked with a wide variety of top-level clients within many different industries. Her flexible, client-focused approach means every client receives coaching that is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances, with a focus on meaningful results.

Linda M


My experience covers a wide area and being skilled in many coaching approaches, I have had the opportunity to support people in overcoming an extensive range of challenges.

As a Development Coach for over 20 years, I have worked with private clients, entrepreneurs and executives including those from BMW, Barclays, and BT. My experience includes working with directors in transition helping them communicate across all levels and enabling them to find outcomes of benefit to all. I have facilitated ‘thinking environments’ around the board table to allow all parties to be fully heard by others and ensure smoother relationships and improved planning.  

Author of ‘Personal Leadership – 7 Strategies to be a Great Leader in Today’s Workplace’, I specialise in helping people handle pressure. As such, I have designed and delivered workshops covering confidence, communication and career direction planning and have delivered presentations to businesses on thriving under workplace pressure to avoid burnout.

With experience in both practical and academic coaching, I provide a unique coaching experience in the important space between who people are as individuals, and who they are professionally.   I have worked with clients going through mid-life career transition, those with communication issues in the workplace, maintaining confidence after a career set-back, creating confidence for growth and promotion, redundancy, outplacement, and resilience.  I also have a great deal of experience in 1:2:1 coaching for people who have had personal challenges to deal with and have supported them through the effects on their professional lives.  


I create a great working relationship with my clients quickly and easily, so that they are comfortable in approaching positive change with confidence, action, and resolve. My wide-ranging expertise means that they actively enjoy the process of personal and professional development which translates into measurable results for themselves and their team.  This enhances their own well-being and resilience. Broadly speaking, my expertise lies in creating emotionally intelligent change management. I love to see the results of respectfully challenging my clients and they love to see the results that come from this.

However, in practical terms, I have particular expertise in the exploration and strategic solving of challenges such as how to:

Perform well under pressure and prevent burnout
Enhance resourceful communication within teams
Increase personal confidence and self-belief
Make well-considered, positive decisions
Resolve challenges relating to procrastination and delegation
Successfully navigate career decision making

Through many years of experience, I also have expertise in helping clients notice the signs of difficulties in these areas before they become serious, so that they may turn this around quickly and avoid impact on their careers, relationships, and health. 

Coaching style

My style is supportive, encouraging and respectfully challenging, which allows for openness and honesty and gets results. My coaching and mentoring approach is always flexible. This allows me to work with you in the way that you need me to, on a given day. All clients are different and I will respect and adapt to the approach that works best for you, to help you achieve your goals, whether that is gentle encouragement, or a far more action-driven and challenging approach to produce solid outcomes for you. 

My experience and training mean that I have a vast number of strategies and approaches at hand which we will tailor together to your specific needs. Delivering what you need, to get you to where you want to be, is what drives my approach. We work in partnership and collaboration and as a straight talker I believe strongly that good communication is imperative for individuals and teams to thrive in the workplace. When you have the opportunity of a new perspective and are enabled to think differently through the questions I ask, you begin to produce new and positive results you may not have believed were possible.


Life and Executive Coaching accreditation (with distinction) from European Coaching Foundation
Master’s Degree in Coaching from University of Warwick
NLP Master Practitioner
Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance level 6
PGCE Qualified Teacher Status
Trained Mentor for the Careers Development Institute
Qualified in the delivery and interpretation of Core Strengths Assessment SDI - (Strengths Deployment Inventory)
Qualified in Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis psychometric testing
Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council
Member of the Association for Coaching

Coaching philosophy

I believe that developmental coaching should be available at all organisational levels, enabling everyone to reach their potential. It creates a positive shift in removing both real and perceived limitations and stops circumstances from holding you back.  

I have a strong belief that taking responsibility for one’s situation and making creative choices is key to feeling in control.  Combine this with strategy, and people can enjoy wonderful lightbulb moments! 

My philosophy is that one’s whole self is brought to work. This knowledge frees people to create change, greater success in the areas they crave, and exponential personal and professional growth.

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