Karina H

Karina H

Karina has over a decade’s experience in learning and development and is an Unlimited Potential Director. She works mostly with Executives and senior leaders on maximising their productivity, leadership style and overall performance.

Karina H


Karina began her career as a journalist and broadcaster, honing invaluable communication and presentation skills which she now helps others to master. She has coached in the private and public sectors and has a strong understanding of the varying pressures on both. Her work with senior leaders has involved not only helping them personally manage their role and make tough decisions, but also guiding them in creating a culture of learning, innovation and constant improvement within their organisations.

Karina’s role as an Unlimited Potential Director is to help guide strategy and map a path to the company’s future goals and aspirations; she embraces the opportunity to support others as they transition from an operational to a more strategic mindset.

As the lead developer of Unlimited Potential’s ‘Disruption-Unity’ model, Karina has been able to use this tool to bring leaders and teams out of their comfort zones and push confidently towards an exciting future.


Karina is a fully qualified Executive Coach and is highly skilled in communication due to her broadcasting background. This not only enables her to communicate her own message effectively, but to quickly gain a strong understanding of her clients and their needs. She uses deep listening and effective questioning to facilitate her clients in bringing about lasting change. Great leaders have a presence that inspires trust and motivation in others; Karina uses her experience in presenting to help senior business leaders develop this presence. Her specialisms are behavioural change (developing productive habits), leadership and people management.

Karina also works with teams on achieving and maintaining high performance. As an accredited Psychological Safety Assessor, ‘GCologist’ and Coach, she supports Boards and senior leadership teams in reaching their full potential, no matter the challenges they might be facing.

Coaching style

Karina has a conversational approach to coaching. She draws from a range of models and techniques and uses her knowledge of neuroscience to guide her but does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Karina believes coaching is fundamentally about communication, exploring different perspectives and arriving at solutions. Often this means stretching and challenging her clients, so she will adapt her coaching style to suit the individual in front of her.


  • Institute of Leadership and Management – Postgraduate (Level 7) Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Accredited Psychological Safety Assessor (BeTalent)
  • Accredited Strengths Assessor (BeTalent)
  • GC Index accredited practitioner
  • University of Sheffield – BA Journalism

Coaching philosophy

“I believe that potential is like the horizon; it’s an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it. True fulfilment in life can only really be achieved if we’re growing and have a purpose. There’s always room to get even better and the process should be inspiring, energising and fun. Developing yourself is the hardest, but easily the most rewarding type of goal. Good coaching should be transformational and stay with you for life.”

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