Adele S

Adele S

Adele is a skilled psychologist, accredited resilience trainer, and ICF-trained coach with expertise in guiding leaders through cultural change challenges. In today's fast-paced world, team focus and productivity are more critical than ever.

Adele S


Many managers have impressive technical skills, but leadership requires more than that. Adele understands the significance of communication, motivation, and emotional intelligence in achieving success, and by developing these abilities, managers can become true all-rounders.

Amidst turbulent times, maintaining open communication lines within teams is crucial. Coaching skills can keep morale high and engagement levels strong. With Adele's 20+ years of experience in professional development facilitation, training, and coaching, leaders can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are equipped to handle challenges. Her expertise provides a unique insight into emotional intelligence and improving mental agility within dynamic and highly regulated sectors.

Adele's journey began after earning a law degree and working in the advertising and marketing industry. However, burnout after the birth of her first child led her to leave the corporate world and start her own professional development training and coaching business. As a former leader in marketing, she has worked in various corporate roles spanning advertising, retail, and marketing.

Working with financial services clients, including Saunderson House Wealth Management, BNY Mellon, Punter Southall Aspire, and The Openwork Partnership Law firms: Anthony Collins Solicitors, Gateley Solicitors, Trowers & Hamlin Solicitors. Other industries: The University of Plymouth, Dublin City University, Commvault, Vickery Holman, LiveWest Housing Association, NHS Nurse Management, and Landmark Information, amongst others.


Adele specialises in coaching managers on a variety of topics. She focuses on improving their professional management skills and promoting critical thinking and self-reliance. She supports managers who need help interpreting business mandates for their teams and those who struggle with delegating tasks. Effective delegation skills can upskill team members, motivate them, change work practices, and save managers time, leading to better returns on investment for the organisation.

Adele coaches’ individual managers on professional capability, management maturity, and personal skills to address engagement issues. This helps them connect with team members, develop stronger bonds and collaborations, and improve managers' internal communication skills to boost team morale and engagement.

To adapt to the fast pace of change and focus on accountability, Adele helps managers gain personal insights and hold themselves accountable for their actions. This enables them to follow through on their commitments comfortably.

Coaching style

As an ICF-accredited coach and international best-selling author, Adele specialises in coaching individuals and teams in highly pressured, regulated industries. Her coaching style focuses on developing behavioural skills and promoting personal and professional growth. Adele's approach encourages self-awareness and empathy, enabling individuals to perform at a higher level, increase team productivity, and boost staff engagement.

Adele's coaching style aims to build a leadership culture by aligning personal and organisational goals. This helps to improve personal and team solution-finding and accountability and maximises productivity while enhancing resilience in top performers. As a result, individuals maintain their motivation and commitment towards achieving their goals, which leads to higher productivity and profitability.

Adele's coaching instils insights in a sustainable way that significantly impacts individuals, improving their personal and professional capabilities. This approach helps maintain motivation and commitment towards achieving leadership goals and focuses on team skills to improve engagement, ultimately leading to higher productivity and profitability for organisations.


  • MSc Organisational Psychology
  • International Coaching Federation ICF Accredited Coach
  • Resilience Accreditation Training
  • Psychological Safety Accreditation
  • BSc Law Degree
  • CIM Diploma in Marketing

Coaching philosophy

“Through my own experience with ambition burnout, I have learned the importance of developing mental agility and emotional intelligence skills. I believe that personalised coaching is the key to achieving optimal results in both personal and professional development. As a coach, I tailor my expertise to each individual's needs for the best possible outcome.”

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