Louise R


Louise is a qualified, ICF accredited executive and business coach. Her career includes over 25 years’ experience of public relations and communications, including as founding director of a niche PR company working in the real estate, hospitality and design and built environment sectors. She helped to grow this from a start-up to a market leader before exiting in 2014. This gave her valuable experience of operating at board level and in the recruitment, training and motivation of a young, dynamic team. In addition to her coaching portfolio, Louise designs and delivers bespoke ‘below the board’ personal and professional development programmes mostly for built environment consultancies. These combine focused workshops with one-to-one coaching sessions, based around the specific needs of the client company. She is also a Coach Tutor on a PR apprenticeship programme, non-executive board director of a Community Interest Company and trustee of two charities working with young people.


Louise places a great deal of emphasis on understanding the business needs of an organisation so that she can ensure that her coaching interventions deliver real ROI, at the same time as keeping the core development needs and goals of the individual in mind. She has assisted leaders with the whole employee journey; from recruitment, onboarding and role development; as well as with their own goal-setting, growth, succession and exit planning; and builds close and long-standing relationships with client companies. She lays claim to a very diverse executive coaching portfolio, across industries and sectors, and past clients have included the owner of a ninja training gym and the founder of a ground-breaking theatre company working with young migrants and refugees.

Coaching style

Using strong emotional intelligence, Louise has a signature, direct coaching style always practiced with great empathy. She doesn’t adhere to any particular coaching model but adapts and ‘dances in the moment’ to use what is appropriate and will work for that client, at that time. She isn’t afraid to challenge and stretch her clients, who frequently report ‘light-bulb’ moments of self-awareness which pave the way for real and sustained change.


BA Honours Degree in Culture, Media and Communications
PGD in Journalism
PGC in Personal and Business Coaching

Coaching philosophy

In a safe, confidential, environment, and with the right listener, there is no limit to the changes that people can make. They know themselves better than the coach does, and that means that they know what the answer is to the issue they bring to coaching. The role of the coach is to help them explore their inner world so that they can find it. Together, coach and client identify, highlight and sometimes challenge their understanding and beliefs, and then develop strategies to move forward in an empowered and positive way. It is a true partnership.


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 Caitlin has made a real difference to my confidence and to the way I approach my business on a day to day basis.
John Baker, Regional Director, The Jockey Club
 It (coaching) unearthed a depth of confidence that I was beginning to question and enabled me to make a significant change within myself and my work.
Luke Joy-Smith, Managing Director - Somerset Social Enterprise
 I connected with my coach on our very first call and I believe that made the whole difference for me. I wish I could dig deeper on some of my remaining issues but unfortunately all good things have to end. I will definitely recommend coaching and have been already doing it for while. It definitely changed my life.
Stephanie Malka, Director NOC Service Engineering – EMEA
 Great to see that there has been a positive outcome from this.
Simon Gosney, Head of Learning and Development
 Tim has provided some high quality coaching support to me through a time of transition both in terms of job, career and organisational changes. He is a skilled and experienced executive coach who facilitated just the right mix of reflection, future visioning, challenge, compassion and stretch. I’d strongly recommend working with him if you are going through a career or organisation transition. Fun to work with, I always left my sessions with him feeling significantly clearer and more content with my overall direction of travel and next steps.
Neil Savage, Director of Organisational Development 2gether NHS Foundation Trust
 “I selected my coach on the basis that she had a completely different approach to my structured way of thinking. Katherine challenged me and took me way out of my comfort zone – scary and uncomfortable at times but eye-opening. These coaching sessions enabled me to see things from a very different perspective, gave me the time and space to reflect on my practice and provided practical tips and approaches as to how I can develop my performance.”
Zenobia Daar, Head of People, Governance & Performance
 Please continue with the programme. For a guy, like Paul, who does not use the word 'fantastic', who then uses it..it must be really good!
Marissa Bartlett, Head of Organisational Development - Mid Sussex District Council
 Everyone learnt a lot about themselves and others. It was the first training in English that one of my mentors had done and it was really successful for him. We have all come away feeling more confident. I have been on many development programmes and I have to say it has been one of the best I have ever attended.
Radka Lankasova, HR Manager, DENSO MANUFACTURING CZECH s. r. o.
 Steve Delivered a professional, relaxed and engaging session. Relevance, interest and clarity of delivering allowed for a very productive outcome.
Andy Castle, VP of Network Operations and Engineering, EMEA
 I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Steve. He encouraged me to look at how I view myself and my actions, to actively seek positive outcomes to every day situations. My perception of myself has certainly changed due to my conversations with Steve and I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Unlimited Potential.
Rik Roberts, Team Leader