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Tim Hawkes' Biography

Tim Hawkes is Managing director of Unlimited Potential. For the last ten years he has worked with his dad, Richard, and wife, Rebecca, to get the business to where it is today.

Tim has not had a conventional route into the world of coaching and personal development. Having graduated as an engineer he began his working life designing and selling guided weapon systems around the world as a project manager for BAE SYSTEMS. This element of his life gained him chartered mechanical engineer status.

He gained a reputation in the defence industry for being able to communicate with sales people, engineers and commercial managers all at their level, making project management the obvious role for him.

With a successful career in his sights, as deputy project manager of an £800M project, Tim realised that this was not the career to take him to retirement. He left the job in August 2004 with little idea of what was going to happen.

Unlimited Potential started trading at the end of 2004 with a vision to give everybody the opportunity actually make the most of their time at work – hence “we develop people – they develop your business”

Tim has spent his time with Unlimited Potential dedicated to helping people realise the work does not have be a place that you dread every morning and that it can be an enriching and stimulating part of your life. To do this he has developed a fascination in the culture of organisations and how they work. This has result in him co-creating the Embark coaching culture diagnostic, the only tool available to measure coaching cultures and allow organisations to improve on them.

Company Bio

Unlimited Potential has been in the business of providing high quality coaching solutions to organisations of all sizes since July 2004. The three founders of the business are all from the Hawkes family, Richard, Tim and Rebecca. Bringing different skills to the table they were able to get good clients early, some of whom still work with us today. Getting the business of the ground involved 60 calls a day for 2 years, this is now a thing of the past as most business comes in through referral.

We believe in authenticity, openness and clarity with our client, since this is what we train in others we must demonstrate it ourselves. Our trainers lead by example, listening to our clients and delivering them what they want.

Starting out initially as an executive coaching business Unlimited Potential soon branched out into workshops and training. This then moved into business performance when we started our own Chief Executives group design to coach, mentor and develop executives of businesses between £1M - £10M.

In the last three years the business has moved into ILM training and more strategically become focussed on the development of coaching cultures within organisations, using our very own Embark diagnostic tool, designed in association with Stuart Haden, one of their associates.

The result of 10 years of listening to clients

An invitation to join us

Voice of the client

Case Studies

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