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Exceptional growth | Improved Profit | Greater confidence - For your business

The Ultimate CEO is an inspiring development programme for managing directors of companies turning over £5m - £80m.

Groups of up to 15 successful leaders from non-competing organisations meet each month to share expertise, discuss the latest business issues and learn new ideas and business practice.

Delivering exceptional growth, improved profit and maximising performance, The Ultimate CEO can help businesses expand up to 35% faster.

An exclusive forum, the regional groups provide a valuable sounding-board for managing directors seeking objective and constructive feedback on strategic business matters.

Each member also benefits from regular intensive executive coaching sessions, giving you greater leadership confidence, enhancing your skills and providing you with the tools to take your organisation to the next level.

The programme helps you to help your business

  • Exceptional growth through peer level support
  • Improved profit through best practice share
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Strategic support in growing your business
  • Valuable opportunity to work on the business and not in it
  • Achieving an ideal work/life balance

Programme Content

The programme consists of regional monthly executive days, with up to 14 other business owners, combined with executive one to one coaching.  The key elements include

  • The Executive Day - Monthly peer roundtable sessions, facilitated professionally; share and get unbiaised advice from succesful CEOs
  • Networking - Confidential and trusted access to a network of like minded top leaders; this leads to individual or group co-operation
  • The Speakers - Interactive presentations by top speakers, focused on the personal and business side of leadership
  • The Executive Coaching - Monthly one-to-one executive coaching sessions.  An opportunity to reflect and ask yourself those questions that you would not normally have the chance to ask yourself
  • Business Information - On-line access to a current and expanding business library of articles to help you and your people understand matters better and to read how others have dealt with the situation you are clarifying

Individually strong - together, stronger

If you are interested in growing your business then sign up for our Ultimate CEO monthly newsletter using the form on this page.  An e-newsletter for CEOs and MDs full of useful information on how to improve your leadership style and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Executive Day held?

Groups are geographically located near to each other.  Because of this members are asked to host the days in rotation providing a venue and light refreshments.  This may be at the hosts premises, and include a tour, or at a nominated hotel nearby.  The Ultimate CEO works with the members to arrange the monthly venues.

What is the cost?

For the full package the quarterly fee is £1,914.00 (Excl VAT) this includes meetings and a One to One Executive Coaching session every month.  An optional quarterly fee of £1,389.00 (Excl VAT) for meetings and One to One every other month is available.  Members are also asked to pay for the costs of the speaker which is divided up fairly between the number of members in the group.

How many in a group?

Maximum 15.  The group is kept to a manageable level to ensure that the best learning experience is achieved.

 How are the speaker subjects chosen?

Topics are rotated through our MBA style learning approach.  Where required members will request topics and relevant speakers are provided.  We have access to hundreds of the very best top level speakers ensuring a good learning experience for all members.

 How does the Executive Coaching operate?

The one to one coaching sessions last for two hours and take place monthly.  Most members choose to have the sessions in their offices however there is no restriction on where the one to ones take place.

 What size of companies is the programme aimed at?

Owners, MDs and CEOs from businesses turning over £5M to £80M.

What are the bottom line benefits?

Demonstrable growth, better margins, better people and a chance to work on the business and not in it.  See video proof her from current and past members of the financial benefits.

 Who does the coaching?

The coaching is delivered by a qualified highly experience executive coach.  This coach is also the chair of the monthly meetings.

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