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From the experts in developing coaching cultures, Unlimited Potential introduce you to Aim Higher Executive coaching.  

A proven and risk free one to one executive coaching programme designed to meet the objectives of any leader, in any organisation, anywhere in the world.

"I have never seen anybody, who has worked for me; raise their game to that degree in such a short space of time."

Darren Bryant, Managing Director


  • Risk free one-to-one executive coaching - if we don't meet set objectives we will give you your money back.
  • Professional coach matching process - giving the coachee total ownership of the coaching programme.
  • Evaluation - designed to ensure you get what you want out of the executive coaching.
  • Proven and assessed executive coaches - giving high quality interventions anytime anywhere.
  • Flexible to meet your changing needs - Shorter programmes, more evaluation whatever suits your organisation.

Executive coaching programmes typically last for 6 sessions of two hours over six months.  Evaluation and assessment considers both personal and organisational objectives to ensure that everyone benefits from the programme.

Aim Higher is proven to deliver great results for all organisations at all levels.  If you are looking to take a manager/leader in your organisation to a new level then Aim Higher Executive Coaching is the programme to deliver this.

"Please continue with the programme. For a guy, like Paul, who does not use the word 'fantastic', who then uses it..it must be really good!"

Head of Organisational Development for a borough council

Our Executive coaches are selected for their credibility and ability with both experience in coaching and business management, ensuring good value for money everytime.

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