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Online Free Resources-Action Pathway

Use this in conjunction with the Goal Prioritisation tool or at any other time that you wish to focus on one particular goal

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Online Free Resources-Action Record Sheet

This is the accountability tool. This can be used it at each one to one to review any action which came out of the previous session and also to record any further actions which the coachee has agreed do.

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Online Free Resources-Coaching Conundrum-Round and Round we Go

Coach and coachee have both got themselves locked in a rut.

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Online Free Resources-The Coaching/Councelling Barrier

This month, we are going to take a look at the coaching/counselling barrier, which presupposes we need to clarify exactly what each is, a conundrum in itself!

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Online Free Resources-Coaching Conundrum-Where Am I Going?

Whilst a lot of time is spent on getting people to meditate or live in the moment to help with the high stress levels which seem to be endemic in today’s world, some people seem to take this too far in order to protect themselves from what they may see as an uncertain future.

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